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Plain and simple, the difference is I show my clients the correct way to achieve amazing results without eating "diet" foods like chicken, tilapia and asparagus.There are so many misconceptions when it comes to nutrition and training. Are you one of those people that think brown rice is better than white rice ? What If i told you that's false!

Here's something I see all the time; Men and women following a low carb diet and training 5 days per week, with no results to show for it. They have no strength or endurance in the gym and their workouts suffer. They've reached a plateau, so they start to add cardio and lower carbs even more, but still no results.

My clients achieve fast results and eat carbs. If you want to eat carbs and get in the best shape of your life select a coaching package below.


Getting started is simple.

Choose your program

4 weeks, 10 weeks , 16 weeks or 20 weeks

Fill out the questionnaire + take starting photos

After payment , you will instantly receive a nutrition and training questionnaire to complete.

Email your completed questionnaire + photos

After I receive the completed questionnaire, you will

receive part 1 of your nutrition and training plan within 5 business days

Review your plans + get started!

Read over your custom nutrition & training plans, then get started! I will give you a check in date with full instructions, so we can review your progress and go over any questions.

What's included 

Training Flexibility

I have clients that train at home, and I have clients that train in the gym. My training plans do not require any  fancy equipment.

Custom Nutrition and Training

After purchasing, you will  immediately receive a nutrition & training questionnaire to complete and send back me. Once I receive the completed questionnaire I create the first part of your plan. Everything is done by me, and I stand by that.

Detailed Meal Plan

I break down each meal with foods and serving sizes based on your goals. There's no guess work  involved. All you need is a scale to weigh food and you're set! Some clients prefer 6 smaller meals and some prefer 3 larger meals with a snack. I create a plan that's realistic for you and your lifestyle, so you can follow it perfectly.


Communication through email, skype, facetime  or text messages creates the right level of accountability so you reach your potential! It's all about owning the process and I make sure you're doing just that.

Worldwide Availability

My coaching is available world wide,all you need is access to the internet and or email.

Bi Weekly Check Ins

Check ins via email allow you to provide me with feedback and discuss your progress towards reaching your goal. One of the major aspects of my nutrition is incorporating foods you enjoy, learning to make it a  lifestyle and not a "diet".

Progressive Training

Detailed training that  becomes more challenging as the weeks go on. I incorporate a variety of training principles and methods to  get you in the best shape of your life. Training plans are created with your goals in mind.


Based on your progress and feedback I will update your nutrition & training .This means you won't get bored of the same routine and you'll keep seeing results!

Access to over 300+ videos

Starting August 2018 every client will get password access to over 300 + videos. You

will be able to see  workouts from every muscle group and learn proper form, tempo and intensity.

Facetime / Skype

All clients have the opportunity to check in with me through facetime / skype to review the nutrition and training.

Real Clients
Real Transformations

Contact me

Thanks! Message sent.

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