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I made my dreams become a reality. I overcame a lot of adversity growing up, coming from humble beginnings and giving myself purpose through my fitness career. I was born in California and raised in New Jersey. I've been an active personal trainer, national competitor, and model for over 16 years. I graduated with a bachelors degree from Monmouth University in 2008 and I worked in corporate america for 7 years. As a side job in 2013 I posted  client transformations on Instagram and started helping everyday men and women around the world reach their goals. I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!  In 2015 I decide to leave the suit and tie behind.  I packed a suitcase and bought a one way ticket to the fitness capital of the world to pursue my dream. The rest is history!  Since moving to California I have continued to motivate my audience and coach men & women around the world. 

About Brandon Michael
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