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  • Who writes the nutrition and training plans?
    I do. I take a lot of pride in the plans I write and that's one of the reasons my clients are so succesful.
  • Can I sign up for online coaching if I don't live in America?
    Yes! I work with men and women around the world.
  • I want to sign up for the Summer Body but I live in a country that may not have all the food items on the grocery list, can I still join?"
    Yes, you can still join! The grocery list that comes with the summer body 10 week program is simply used for reference. Most of the products you will find in your grocery stores or local walmart / target. Please keep in mind that the Summer Body is first and foremost an extensive 10 week training plan with a few nutritional tips like grocery list and meal organization guide. It is not a custom nutrition plan, if you want custom nutrition please check out my online coaching programs which include custom nutrition and training.
  • Can I sign up for the Summer Body 10 week program but start it at a later date?
    Yes. Once you purchase the 10 week program you will instantly receive a link to download and save the PDF file. Once you save it, you can view it or print it out and start at anytime!
  • I've completed The Summer Body 10 week program, now what do I do?"
    After you complete The Summer Body weeks 1-10, you can start The Summer Body weeks 11-20. This is available on my website under shop all.
  • I'm a female and I want to focus on upper body strength and size, can I sign up for The Summer Body weeks 1-10 for men?"
    Yes, you can! Both programs include training for all muscle groups. The male program pays extra attention to chest, shoulders and abs. The female program pays extra attention to legs, glutes and core. If you're looking for a program that targets more upper body, The Summer Body weeks 1-10 for men is what you want.
  • Do you offer nutrition only programs?
    Yes, please look under shop all. I offer 10 weeks of custom nutrition. If you have any questions please email me.
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