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"Man what an amazing 12 weeks to be mentored by Brandon Michael fit he's probably one of the most humble dudes in the industry. Those of you looking to take it to the next level look no further than Brandon. Whenever I needed a change in diet or training he would graciously help and continues to help and guide me through this journey. It's just beginning but considering  we live 14 hours away you are a true friend. Thanks brother! God bless! Don't be so quick to judge, with hard work, dedication and discipline anything is possible."

Andrew @Phresh.royalty

When choosing a trainer I wanted to pick someone with a strong work ethic, yet with strong humbleness. I have been very pleased with my results since I made the choice to have @Brandonmichaelfit be my coach. I highly recommend anyone interested in fitness to look into @Brandonmichaelfit! This guy is a friend to me now.

Jeff @ScandariatoJ

I started working with Ricky when he was 200 lbs and had 6 weeks to get ready for a summer vacation. His biggest fear was loosing muscle and size. Well after 6 weeks he was 185 lbs shredded and stronger than ever. Minimal cardio and plenty of carbs were key to maintaining his muscularity and transforming his physique.


"Taking a stab at transformation Tuesday with the completion of my custom diet and training program with Brandon Michael fit. If you're looking to make a change for the better with fitness and just overall health in general Brandon is the guy you need to contact. He's an amazing support system that makes sure you see results. Hands-down one of the best decisions I've ever made! "

Blake @Blakedutton



Huge thank you to Brandon Michael fit! You are the real deal! I followed you for a while and many other athletes. I decided that you were who I wanted to gain knowledge from and also take my fitness to the next level. You have always been humble and just an all-around genuine guy. I look forward to putting in the work with the skills you have given me #NoScam #RealWork #RealCoaching #Humble #ThankYou #LessTalkMoreWork

Blake @BT_Rosenkoetter

"Thank you so much @BrandonMichaelfit. You've been incredible through this all. Great at all components. Motivator, nutrition and workouts. Truly inspiring. Thanks buddy"

Omar @OmarJundi_fit

"Another week in the books! Training was damn intense this week.Got really good pumps for every lift. Diet is a breeze. Loving every rep and meal you have set for me, I'm feeling better than ever!

Adonis @Adonis_Tountas

"We Killed it bro. Gained so much strength along with losing all that body fat, it's unreal brother..

You're awesome ! "

Frank @Frankporto12

In only 8 weeks Jonathan @JayyyTanggg  has completely changed his physique. He went from fluffy to having a lean, aesthetic physique. Jonathan is only 18 years old but he puts in hard work and stays consistent with the custom diet and training plan I created for him. Oh and the best part? He works out from home, doesn't even go to the gym and he is an advocate of anti-bullying.

Jonathan @JayyyTanggg

Hard work DOES pay off

Really proud of the progress my client Navin made in 82 days. He went from big & bloated to chiseled with abs. I've watched him progress every week and he just keeps getting better. Navin succeeds because he follows the plan I created for him, he's extremely motivated and he stays consistent. No excuses! He preps meals and hits the gym at 6 am. Congrats on your progress so far brother, your hard work shows.


Navin @Team_Nevs

Shoutout to my hardworking client Nate @Naaaaate . Nate wasn't terribly out of shape, but he wanted a more aesthetic muscular physique without loosing size. Nate accomplished this by following the plan I created for him.  We've been working together for almost 2 months and he is killing it.

Bodyfat decreased , muscularity increased. His shoulders, abs, and chest are way more defined. Congrats on your progress brother, I'm proud of you.

Nate @Naaaaate

Proud of this guy right here! My client John @JohnMingle originally said to me " I want to be toned, lean, defined. My core has always been a weak spot"  Johns core is not a weak spot anymore . 4 weeks later he looks like a new person and those goals have been reached. Your hard work shows bro. Keep up the great work!

John @JohnMingle

This one is for the ladies. 30 day transformation from female client . She just checked in this morning and I'm so proud of her. She hasn't even  been able to train upper body the past few weeks - this is just lower body, and effective diet. She wanted slimmer waist & more toned legs and achieved her goal. Oh and she just had a newborn - no excuses !!!


Client would like to remain Anonymous

My hardworking client Zac completed the first phase of his plan perfectly. He dropped 12 lbs and looks way more aesthetic. His shoulder to waist ratio (v taper) has improved significantly.


Amazing transformation by my client Emilio @emiliolopezjr. I am so proud of this guy, he came a long way and totally changed his lifestyle by shifting his focus to health + fitness. Emilio stayed very consistent with his diet + training. When you put in the work +  follow the right plan, you can achieve anything!

Emilio @emiliolopezjr

Some inspiration from one of my first clients @Deebo252.  He dropped 25 lbs. by sticking to the training & nutrition plan I created for him. Results like this don't happen easily. He stayed consistent every single day. Anything is possible if you're willing to put in the work.


Bo @Deebo252

Brandon, Thanks for everything! YOU THE MAN!

Tuan @Tuaneboieee

Hey coach B!! I feel so healthy I'm so happy. Pure genius with the workout on legs. I'm so sore and I love it! I've dropped over 6% body fat and I'm noticing muscle in new areas. Thank you !


You are the man with the master plan. I've dropped over 30 lbs of fat and this is the best i' ve ever looked. I feel great and I am so motivated. Thank you for changing my life.


I feel great! I've never been this lean before and it makes me want to work even harder. I'm so glad to see these results so quickly. I couldn't have done it without you bro


My Coach Fuc*ing rocks! Pat yourself on the back Brandon. I couldn't have done this without you. You give a more personal approach. That's what I thrive on. You'll keep me in check when I start to go off on a rant, or when needed. I feel I can ask you anything, and you'll give honest feedback.


Shoutout to my client Zach @zstein10 . He ate carbs , he enjoyed his meals , he didn't do hours of cardio and stuck to the plan everyday. He's an extremely hard worker and deserves a lot credit Great job brother


Zach @zstein10

Shoutout to my motivated west coast client Jerry,  @jrgantan . In 28 days he's added quality size and  lost fat around his midsection. He follows his custom diet and training plan perfectly and his hard work shows! Can't wait to see how you look in another 4 weeks brother, keep up the amazing progress.


Jerry  @jrgantan

Thank you my man! I can't say it enough. I am loving the process. You really know your stuff!

Billy @Fitness_Together_Baskingridge

You're a genius! I'm loving this plan. Slowly leaning out and definitely getting stronger each week. I did my Olympic lifts for the first time since I started and completely demolished my PR's in everything, and I feel amazing.

Niko @Nikoconuts

Shoutout to my client . Liam is a true ectomorph who had a hard time putting on quality gains. After 4 months of following the training and diet plans I created for him he gained muscle, dropped bodyfat and got shredded. Liam stayed consistent and his hard work shows. Great job brother, I'm proud of you and your transformation so far!!


Liam @liamthornhill7

So proud of my client @justdrea_20. She came to me frustrated because she reached a sticking point. We worked closely together and I developed her training & diet routine. The fat literally melted off she had to ask me " COACH! is it normal to lose 7 lbs in a week?” This is not expected every week but because @justdrea_20 followed the plan, worked her butt off, kept a UPBEAT POSITIVE ATTITUDE, she is reaping the rewards of hard work with the right plan. She eats fruits. She eats avocado. She eats rice. She squats. She lifts hard. Great job !


Andrea @justdrea_20

My client @Andrew_Mendoza82 is progressing nicely. Keep up the great work brother. Here's a 19 year old guy from small town in Arkansas who was inspired to compete . He works full time, goes to school full time, no excuses. If you want it bad enough you'll make it a priority

Andrew @Andrew_Mendoza82

So proud of Kyle! He started at 180 and weighed in today at 173 lbs ( bottom right) . Small progress each week has lead to a strong transformation in only 8 weeks. He is one of the most motivated clients I've had - no excuses and constantly trying to improve


Kyle @K_Vol69

Sergio @ELCHEKO_6 has been following his training and nutrition plan and is seeing amazing results, going from 240 to 216 in 56 days.


Sergio @Elcheko_6